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Valorant - Masters2 - False Gods, True Idols
Copenhagen, Summer 2022

I worked with the awesome folks at WeAreRoyale (WAR) on this launch video for the Riot Games' Valorant Masters2 Copenhagen. I handled all the 'obelisk' scenes and shots which revealed the teams that made it into the competition, as well as helped out on various other scenes, overall compositing, and refinement and texturing of 3D assets like the weapons.

Studio - We Are Royale

Creative Director: Eric Del Greco
Lead Producer: Liz Lipka

Full Credits: 


CEO: Jen Lucero
Chief Creative Officer: Brien Holman
Managing Director: Beck Henderer-Pena
Executive Producer: Rhys Demery

Creative Director: Eric Del Greco
Lead Producer: Liz Lipka
Production Coordinator: Esther Hwang
Producer: Karla Sylvester
CG Supervisor: Matt Guzzardo
Animation Supervisor: Pat Clarke
Writer: John Chuldenko
Storyboards: Hugh Keenan
Associate Art Director: Mariia Menshikova

Previs: Pat Clarke, Gardner Pierce

Design: Christiano Rinaldi, My Tran, Julio Dean, Farbod Khoshtinat, Ann Kruetzkamp, Helen Jung

Animation: Pat Clarke, Farbod Khoshtinat, Caspian Edgar Zavala, Byron Slaybaugh, Julio Dean, Angel Ramirez, Soomin Park, Dylan Casano, Tyler Compton, Gardner Pierce

FNS Character Model: Kris Kelly

Editor: Ryan Frey
Editor: Jason Vo

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