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Vancouver Mural Festival - Winter ARts.

An outdoor Augmented Reality exhibition

My piece entitled "Terra Incognita' was on display outside the Vancouver Art Gallery from Feburary 12-28th​.

This was a great opportunity to experiment with Augmented Reality using Spark AR. I modeled and sculpted the assets in Cinema 4D and textured with Substance Painter. 

I love exploration for finding inspiration and awe, and for the way it opens up new neural pathways. In the forest everything is connected and functions like one giant super organism, connected by a giant mycelial web beneath the ground, which shares information resources between trees. The internet connects all of us in a similar way.

As a digital artist I like to explore inwardly and create new forests, environments and worlds born of my imagination. 'Terra Incognita' is an AR exploration that brings an inner landscape into the outer world. A digital terraforming of urban space.


Below are some process images of the 3D modeling, sculpting and texturing:

Initial sculpt concepts - turntable animations.

Spark AR Project window - adding interactivity and looping animation.

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