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Creativity & focus in crazy times

Social media seems to mostly be about sharing one's beliefs with everyone these days(and sometimes pushing them). These are crazy, difficult & unprecedented times. There are a lot of people in a lot of places stressing out about money and feeling like they need to 'hustle' (I hate that word). The pushback seems to be people who don't need to stress about money telling them to stop being busy, that its OK to relax, do nothing and figure out your purpose in life. But what if you're already clear on your purpose and you're always striving towards it, regardless of money? That's where I feel I'm at.

I'm lucky enough that I'm still working from home, and sometimes it is stressful and energy sapping, and it can be hard to relax afterwards when you're in the same space (and I am working from the living room which is not ideal). However I'm feeling passionate and inspired to do the creative work that I envision, so I make an effort to get up at 6-630am every morning and put a couple of hours into personal digital art projects or writing. I don't think everyone should be doing something like this. If you're stressed and not feeling secure and settled, obviously take some time out to consider your next move. However if you're relatively secure and have goals or dreams, why not work towards them? Meditate and ponder if you need to, think about what it is you want to be creating, but 'quarantine' shouldn't be an excuse to spend all day watching netflix or gaming. It's not about being 'productive'. It's about doing something meaningful or helpful. And I think its also about connecting with people over the interwebs, and for me that's through art (and there are so so many forms of art).

Go for it.

Here's a great podcast with writer Austin Kleon that discusses this exact topic and daily structure, to give your creative projects the energy they deserver at the start of the day, when your brain is firing and you aren't energetically sapped.

Personally I love to work out or run at lunch time as well, which gives me more energy and focus for the afternoon work session.

Also pro-tip, if you're feeling creatively blocked, try to make something anyway. And spend less time on the internet during the day if you can. I agree with Austin, in large doses it is distracting brain rot. I've recently turned on the facebook reminder when I've been over 30mins per day (and it happens way too quick/early..).


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